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Corvallis, OR


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 In the spring of 2023, the USAWE Coaches Committee recently welcomed one of the top-ranked Working Equitation trainers and riders in the United States to our network: Kimberlee Barker of Corvallis, Oregon.

Kimberlee Barker has been training professionally since 2000. A USDF L graduate with distinction, she is a regular on the dressage circuit, where she judges, has earned her USDF bronze and silver medals, and trained and competed seven horses up through the FEI levels in dressage. Over 10 of Kimberlee’s students have earned their bronze medals in dressage and three have already earned their silver medals, competing through Prix St Georges.

Kim first discovered working equitation in 2018 and quickly became hooked. In addition to attending an intensive judge seminar taught by WAWE international judge Antonio Vicente, and volunteering at a number of WE events to learn from a variety of U.S. licensed judges, Kimberlee traveled to Portugal this winter, where she watched one of the working equitation competitions that makes up the Portuguese national championship series and took classical dressage and working equitation lessons at a residential riding school.

She has trained and competed horses from Introductory through Masters in working equitation. At the time of this writing, she is ranked #2 at Masters on the USAWE National Leaderboard with the Morgan stallion Gladheart Black Harris, whom she also is preparing for his Grand Prix debut in dressage in 2024, and #3 at Masters with Minuet’s Meni Promises, a Half-Arabian mare. In addition, she and her Dales Pony RedPrairie Storm are leading the nation at the Intermediate A level, and her Adult Amateur student Emily Callihan is #1 in the nation at the Novice A level on the Quarter Pony RD Smokin Sugarfoot.

These accomplishments are not a one-time occurrence either. Last year, Kim was one of just six riders who earned high enough scores at the Masters level to be nationally-ranked, finishing the 2022 season 3rd in the nation at both Masters and Intermediate B Open.

Kimberlee has earned her USAWE Pewter, Bronze, Silver, and Platinum Lifetime Rider Medals. Since Working Equitation uses dressage principles to create a relaxed, athletic, and obedient horse in both traditional dressage work and in dressage through obstacles, Kimberlee believes that this sport creates the ultimate harmonious relationship with the horse. She enjoys working with all breeds of horses and teaches students from Introductory to Masters in Working Equitation, and Training Level to FEI in Dressage. Kimberlee teaches clinics in both Working Equitation and Dressage in the Pacific Northwest.

“I really love the functionality and variety of the sport,” she remarked. “It takes the dressage foundation and then expands on it in ways that help produce a really well-rounded horse and rider partnership.”

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