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R5 Jan. 2023

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Happy New Year Region 5! USA Working Equitation's annual meeting of the members will be held virtually via Zoom on Saturday February 4, 2023 at 9:00 am PST | 10:00 am MST...

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R5 Nov. 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Snow is flying outside my window already here in southern Wisconsin, and it appears all licensed shows are wrapped up in our region… this year has flown by! Many of our R5...

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R5 August 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven It's hard to believe we are already in mid-August!  There are plenty of clinics and shows yet this year in our region to attend whether it be with your horse or to audit. ...

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R5 May 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Spring (and summer, so it seems) are in full swing, which means we are starting to see more clinics and shows here in Region 5!  If you haven’t already, check out and...

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R5 Feb. 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven The USAWE 2021 Show Season results were released just a couple of weeks ago, which included National, Regional and Breed Awards.  Congratulations again to all on a...

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R5 Jan. 2022

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven Happy New Year Region 5! We are certainly off to a cold start this year. I hope everyone is staying as warm as they can and still managing some time with their ponies. ...

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R5 Dec. 2021

REGION 5 By: Becky Sherven As 2021 comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect on the year.  Region 5 had a fantastic year with approximately 25 individually licensed shows as well as a slew of...

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R5 Nov. 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Last month Region 5 held their USAWE Region 5 Championship show! Everyone referred to it as the “best region 5 show” because it is the first time Region 5 had a Region 5...

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R5 Oct. 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson With the exception of the Regional Championship, all of the regular B rated shows in region 5 have come to a close. We have had a wonderful, full, jammed packed season here...

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R5 Sept. 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson So much Talent in region 5! I just wanted to highlight some recent accomplishments of our Region 5 members this year, because they are AWESOME! Kris Blacklock joins the ranks...

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R5 August 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Getting Ready for Regionals! Entries are open for the Region 5 Championships on October 22-25th at Hoosier Horse Park in Indiana! So far there are entries from...

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R5 July 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Hello WE Friends! Region 5 has been busy with shows and preparing for our first Regional Championship. On June 12 and 13, there was a show at Brecksville Stables in Ohio...

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R5 Jan. 2021

REGION 5 By: Alex Tyson Region 5 has a lot to look forward to in 2021! We already have 22 days of rated shows on the books! The complete list of shows and contact information is under the...

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